New Neighbor Realty, LLC has launched our new company Facebook page.

And you can WIN $100 Visa Gift Card just for “LIKING” it!

We need your help in getting the word out.  For helping us, you can win one of two $100 gift cards.


Here's how to enter:

That’s it - you're entered!


Now that you're automatically entered you into the drawing for a $100 Visa Gift Card, how about getting another chance to win?

Send our link to all your Facebook friends and have them click on “LIKE”.  This will automatically enter your friends and family, BUT it will also enter you, too.  You see, a second $100 Visa Gift Card is going out to the person who recommended the winner.
If we draw a friend or family member and they tell us you sent them our link, you BOTH will win a $100 gift card.


When we reach 100 friends on our Facebook page, we will pick a winner for the first $100 Visa gift card and whoever recommended us to our new Facebook friend will also win $100 Visa Gift card just for getting the word out.

The more your friends and family “LIKE” us, the more times you are entered for a gift card.  So spread the word!


Click Here to visit our page and enter.

NNR sales agents are only eligible for the $100 Tell-a-Friend prize.
The same person cannot win both prizes.